Reenlistment at the Martin Luther King Jr., National Memorial

A few weeks ago SPC Robinson reenlisted at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C. A few people from the unit were there along with several members of his family. Unfortunately due to the park policies the ceremony had to take place just outside the memorial, even with a permit! That was a surprise to me, but It turned out great anyway as we ended up taking a few family shots in front of the memorial after the official ceremony.

Prior to the ceremony, myself and several others were standing just outside the memorial just talking and waiting, and random strangers, mostly kids, were coming up to us to say, “thank you for your service,” and offering handshakes, and asking for photos. It was so fun and cute to see even the little ones walking straight up to a Soldier in uniform, look up, and say thank you.

During the ceremony itself, we made quite a scene, even with only a handful of us there. We formed sort of a half circle in front of the flag and the unit guidon, while SPC Robinson said the oath that reenlisted him for another six years in the United States Army. A little bit of a crowd gathered and they helped add to the applause when it was over. After the applause died down, everyone turned around to hear three tiny voices calling out the Pledge of Allegiance with their hands over their heart. It was the cutest thing and a great ending to the ceremony!

I love how the one on the right is using the wrong hand!

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