Olivia Rose | Washington D.C. Family Photographer

Last month I was home for a friend’s wedding and had the opportunity to visit with my best friend from high school. Elise and her husband Josh came over my parent’s house with their new baby girl, Olivia Rose. The last time I saw Olivia she was only about a week old and was still using the UV blanket for jaundice. It was so nice to see her again and without the blanket. She looked healthy and beautiful and I couldn’t wait to hold her and photograph her. She is such a cutie and has an incredible head of hair! She came over wearing her “little black dress” and my family and I all took turns holding her. Congratulations to Elise and Josh on your beautiful new baby girl! Welcome to the world Olivia :)

She was so curious, always looking towards the light.

We all wanted to hold her! Especially my mom, who my dad says is at her happiest when she’s holding a baby! (and yes, she’s still waiting for grandkids….one day mom, one day)

Still cute, even when she cries! She wanted her momma.

I love how happy she looks here!

Daddy’s little girl.

Just look at those tiny toes! How cute!

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