After the Storm | Washington D.C. Travel Photographer

Hurricane Isaac made it’s way through Miami in the past few days so after the storm I headed out to Watson Island on Biscayne Bay to see if I could get a few photographs of the Miami skyline with the passing storm clouds. After being indoors for almost three days in a row it was really nice to finally get outside with a dry sky!

This was my first time at this location and as you can see there is an amazing view! The bridge to Watson Island against the color of the city buildings is just spectacular. I’m sure I’ll be back here again before I leave Miami.

All of these images were shot on a tripod with a cable release and were averaged between 30 and 90 second exposures which help create the beautiful glassy look of the water.

6 thoughts on “After the Storm | Washington D.C. Travel Photographer

  1. Simply Amazing captures!
    Last time i visited Watson’s island, there was some construction equipment in the area (opp to the childrens museum) and i couldn’t go anywhere close to the bridge to picturise it. Can you tell me the exact location on watson’s island from where these pic’s were snapped.

    please PM me if you can.
    Thank you,

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