Another look at Dawn

This post has been delayed for several months, partially because of my schedule, but mostly because I had an unfortunate incident with my hard drive which completely crashed shortly after this shoot. Several recovery tools later I was able to retrieve some of my images, but many were unfortunately either lost forever or partially corrupt. A tough pill to swallow, but a good reminder to keep all your work backed up.

Anyway, now that I’m getting around to it, these images were from Day 2 of the Washington, D.C. Photoshop World on the Expo Floor. Dawn was such a delight to work with and is a true professional, and you can see some of her images from Day 1 here. The lovely and talented Rebecca McGillicuddy was the makeup artist who transformed Dawn into Jackie Kennedy for the FJ Westcott Shootout.

These were my favorites! Stay tuned for more images from Day 3!

And in the true spirit of Photoshop, I had fun with this last one by applying an oilpaint filter to give it a painterly effect :)

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