Holiday Family Portraits | Washington D.C. Family Photographer

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family for their Christmas family portraits! We got extremely lucky with the weather and were able to enjoy a colorful sunset at the end right before the rain came in. These photos are going to make for some super cute Christmas cards!

121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-12 121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-48 121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-62 121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-90 121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-129 121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-143 121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-151 121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-189 121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-219 121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-250-Edit 121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-309 121202_JessicaVeltri_Barnes Family_271-338-Edit

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