Gabe and Heather’s Wedding | Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

Gabe and Heather have known each other since they were 12 years old when they met at a church function in Indiana. They dated for some time, but eventually went their separate ways and Heather moved to California at 18. Years later thanks to social networking, Heather found Gabe on Facebook and they instantly became more than just “facebook friends.” They reunited and found that those old sparks from their teenage days had never died–talk about romantic! Taking  that they were always meant to be, Heather moved from California to be closer to Gabe, who is on active duty in the Army, stationed in the Washington, D.C. area. They are expecting their first child together, a boy, who they intend to name Ethan Joseph (love that name!), in August.

Gabe and Heather made the most of their sweet and simple wedding by using the gorgeous gardens at The Carlyle House Historic Park in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia as the backdrop for their ceremony, which can be used for free as long as there are no private events going on at the same time. (A really great option for brides planning a small, intimate gathering and looking to keep their costs down.) Their ceremony was attended by family, friends, and coworkers who later joined the newlyweds at The Charthouse for delicious seafood and dessert, which by the way, if you haven’t tried their Hot Chocolate Lava Cake, you are seriously missing out!

Being pregnant on your wedding day doesn’t mean you can’t still be stunning and feel amazing in your dress. Heather found the perfect maternity dress with a gorgeous and lacy keyhole back from David’s Bridal, which looked amazing in her photographs!  She carried a sweet bouquet of sunflowers and daisies, put together by Lake Ridge Florist.

Please enjoy some of my favorites from their sweet day. Their story is scheduled to be featured this week on United With Love, a blog for local wedding inspiration in the Washington DC area, so keep an eye out :)

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Finally home from Afghanistan! | Washington D.C. Family Photographer

This post is definitely overdue, but I’m still very excited to share! Mike spent a year in Afghanistan and his family was so excited to see him finally return home safe and sound! Here are some of my favorites :)


Other friends and coworkers came to welcome him back too, including this little cutie who made this adorable welcome home sign!



Mike’s wife and son were decked out in red, white, and blue, and had flags to wave and “Daddy Dolls” to carry!


How cute is this! He saw him and just started running!


And this is just epic….


Photographs from Bogota, Colombia | Washington D.C. Travel Photographer

One of the reasons I joined the Army was for the opportunity to travel. Of course one expects to travel to to such places as Iraq and Afghanistan in today’s Army, but every now and then some unique assignments present themselves and I just so happened to be in the right place and the right time for this one. My latest travel adventure brought me to Bogota, Colombia; my very first trip to South America! While I only had about half a day of free time, I tried my best to make the most of it. Here are some of my favorites from the trip.

This was the view from my hotel, the Andino Royal, located in a desirable area in Bogota near shopping districts, restaurants, and bars.

One of my favorites from the trip. Maybe not technically correct, but for me this one was about the moment. This little girl had just come home from school and was enjoying the last few minutes of daylight by playing with her paper airplane.

One of the many friendly street vendors who was more than happy to let me take his photo…

The next few are from the Monserrate, a definite must see if you visit Bogota. With an elevation of 10,341 feet, the Monserrate is a mountain with a small white church atop that overlooks the entire city of Bogota. A small fee grants you access to a shaky yet scenic cable car ride to the top where the view is absolutely breathtaking. It is chilly up top, so if you do visit, be sure to bring a light jacket. There are also plenty of shops with souvenirs and restaurants.

These last images are from the Bolivar Square and La Candelaria in the historic district of Bogota, Colombia, a busy little section of town that is beautiful to see and full of color. The streets were crowded with people from all walks of life: businessmen, beggars, military officials, and large groups of uniformed children on educational tours. Go there and enjoy, but travel safely and be on guard because crime in this area is high.

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Reenlistment at the Martin Luther King Jr., National Memorial

A few weeks ago SPC Robinson reenlisted at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C. A few people from the unit were there along with several members of his family. Unfortunately due to the park policies the ceremony had to take place just outside the memorial, even with a permit! That was a surprise to me, but It turned out great anyway as we ended up taking a few family shots in front of the memorial after the official ceremony.

Prior to the ceremony, myself and several others were standing just outside the memorial just talking and waiting, and random strangers, mostly kids, were coming up to us to say, “thank you for your service,” and offering handshakes, and asking for photos. It was so fun and cute to see even the little ones walking straight up to a Soldier in uniform, look up, and say thank you.

During the ceremony itself, we made quite a scene, even with only a handful of us there. We formed sort of a half circle in front of the flag and the unit guidon, while SPC Robinson said the oath that reenlisted him for another six years in the United States Army. A little bit of a crowd gathered and they helped add to the applause when it was over. After the applause died down, everyone turned around to hear three tiny voices calling out the Pledge of Allegiance with their hands over their heart. It was the cutest thing and a great ending to the ceremony!

I love how the one on the right is using the wrong hand!

Reenlistment over Arlington

A reenlistment ceremony over Arlington…

SGT Timothy Barnes reenlisted in the United States Army today while flying in a Black Hawk Helicopter over Arlington. The flight was almost cancelled due to the hazy weather, but luckily the clouds cleared up long enough to complete the ceremony and get a few photos with the Washington Monument in the background.