Canon Professional Services

It’s official! I am now a member of Canon Professional Services. I was so excited to received this welcome package in the mail today, that I had to share! However, I have to admit, I only joined because I desperately need a lens repaired and I know I can get a small discount by becoming a member. This kit was a pleasant surprise and confirmation that I made the right decision. Check out all this swag!! Proud to be the newest member of CPS!









Nicole at the Sand Dunes | Washington D.C. Portrait Photographer

I came across these beautiful sand dunes on accident when I was driving to meet my sister for dinner on my first night in Florida. Apparently my GPS took me the “long” way as I forgot it was set to avoid tolls. It worked out though. I only arrived a few minutes after she did, I avoided a toll fee, and I scoped out an awesome location to take her for a mini photoshoot the next night! These sand dunes are located just outside of Destin, FL, a popular vacation and tourist spot known for its white sandy beaches and world-famous fishing. We got there pretty late so we only had a few minutes to photograph before the light started fading. I was without my flash so I became completely dependent on the amazing low light capabilities of my new Canon 5D Mark III and the 50mm 1.2 — an excellent combination for low light! I hope to make it back there sometime, thanks for modeling Nicole!

I think she has a thing for mustaches!

This was all her idea….and her favorite!

For the photo geeks….this was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III at ISO 10000.

Dawn | Washington D.C. Portrait Photographer

About two weeks ago I attended my very first Photoshop World in Washington, D.C., and it was amazing!  One of the highlights for me was the Westcott Shootout on the Expo floor. They provided beautiful lighting and gorgeous models! This was the first day of three; I’m still going through my photos, so look forward to more in the next few days!






This weekend I was able to see some of the effects of Hurricane Irene firsthand in Maryland. Huge trees were completely uprooted and fallen over on the ground. Here are a couple shots of the bigger ones we saw…