Family Photos at Fairchild Gardens | Washington D.C. Family Photographer

I met this beautiful family while photographing flowers and waterlilies at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. Since I can’t help but take photographs when I see cute babies, we ended up having a mini photoshoot. Take a look at how sweet they are!

After the Storm | Washington D.C. Travel Photographer

Hurricane Isaac made it’s way through Miami in the past few days so after the storm I headed out to Watson Island on Biscayne Bay to see if I could get a few photographs of the Miami skyline with the passing storm clouds. After being indoors for almost three days in a row it was really nice to finally get outside with a dry sky!

This was my first time at this location and as you can see there is an amazing view! The bridge to Watson Island against the color of the city buildings is just spectacular. I’m sure I’ll be back here again before I leave Miami.

All of these images were shot on a tripod with a cable release and were averaged between 30 and 90 second exposures which help create the beautiful glassy look of the water.

A Tropical Paradise in Miami | Washington D.C. Travel Photographer

During the month of August, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden has been offering free admittance on Sundays. So last weekend I grabbed my water bottle and camera and headed out to explore the gardens. It was so hot I could only spend a few hours before I had to return to the air-conditioned indoors, but I think I got a good idea of what they had to offer and I’m ready to go back again this weekend! The waterlilies were definitely the highlight of the visit for me, they were so beautiful and so much fun to photograph! While photographing the waterlilies I met Pedro, who was an instructor at the Gardens and was able to provide some good tips! He specializes in photographing waterlilies and has an amazing collection that you can view on flickr here. Enjoy!