Nicole at the Sand Dunes | Washington D.C. Portrait Photographer

I came across these beautiful sand dunes on accident when I was driving to meet my sister for dinner on my first night in Florida. Apparently my GPS took me the “long” way as I forgot it was set to avoid tolls. It worked out though. I only arrived a few minutes after she did, I avoided a toll fee, and I scoped out an awesome location to take her for a mini photoshoot the next night! These sand dunes are located just outside of Destin, FL, a popular vacation and tourist spot known for its white sandy beaches and world-famous fishing. We got there pretty late so we only had a few minutes to photograph before the light started fading. I was without my flash so I became completely dependent on the amazing low light capabilities of my new Canon 5D Mark III and the 50mm 1.2 — an excellent combination for low light! I hope to make it back there sometime, thanks for modeling Nicole!

I think she has a thing for mustaches!

This was all her idea….and her favorite!

For the photo geeks….this was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III at ISO 10000.